Cikisi announces the official release of Cikisi WMT 2.0 in early November 2019.

This platform will not be an upgrade of Cikisi WMT 1.0 but a totally new product!

In order to offer the best experience to our users, we have chosen to develop our new solution with the latest versions of AngularJS, Ruby on Rails and Elastic Search.

Cikisi WMT 2.0 will offer additional robustness, new features, improved User Experience and better response times compared with the initial release dated March 2017.

The search capacity will benefit from multiple new additional filters and the platform will be improved with a high-performance exploration module.

This exploration module is based on the data enrichment achieved by our new Named Entity Recognition and Geocoding module, making our solution independent of third-party services.

Finally, the platform will bring addional artificial intelligence capabilities with a content recommendation module originally developped in cooperation with CETIC lab.

Our current customers will automatically enjoy Cikisi WMT 2.0 new features after a free migration from Cikisi WMT 1.0. Operating the new platform will remain as simple as initially.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about this new solution.

Example of Cikisi WMT 2.O beta data mining: The figure below represents the “Boko Haram” search in documents published in May 2019. The heat map makes it possible to highlight the areas mentioned in the articles mentioning “Boko Haram”.

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