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The Cikisi suite of solutions gives you the opportunity to create a global business intelligence solution for your organization that is unique on the market.

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The Cikisi ecosystem

Cikisi Mobile WS

Cikisi Mobile WS (Watch and Search) is a mobile application providing its users with easy access to the information they need, from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.

An ideal tool for watch managers, internal communication or risk analysts, it is also designed for the information consumers of your organization.

This application available for Android and iOS can work in interaction with the web application Cikisi WMT (Web Monitoring Tool) or autonomously.


Monitor your strategic topics in real time!

By using the Cikisi Mobile WS solution, your organization will be able to set up a business intelligence platform capable of fulfilling several key missions for the different departments of any company and organization.


The new search engine in your business environment!

Cikisi Mobile WS incorporates a research capability essential to any organization. Every day, millions of new pieces of information are stored in Cikisi’s databases, including those in your business environment. That information may interest you one day.


Monitor, search, inform and learn freely!

Cikisi Mobile WSFunctioning principles


Increase the impact of your watch or press review on your recipients by distributing it on their smartphones.


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Autonomy and interaction

The Cikisi Mobile WS application can operate independently or interact with the Cikisi WMT web platform. In the latter case, the mobile application allows both to consume and process the information collected by the web platform and conversely to feed it into information.

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Autonomy and interaction

A learning algorithm (“machine learning”) makes it possible to progressively refine the information displayed according to the opinions and actions of the user and his community.

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By browsing the mobile application, the user gives his opinion on the relevance of each article. Information going back to the Cikisi WMT web platform, vital for improving the collection, filtering and selection of articles.

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By activating your geolocation on your smartphone, the application CIKISI mobile WS will allow you to feed the contents of your research with the news of your area.



Give access to your strategic themes to multiple users who can monitor those themes together and according to their availability.

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Yes! The Cikisi Mobile WS app can be used independently. You can then ask the Cikisi team to preconfigure a list of themes that your users can subscribe to.

Yes, by clicking the title or photo of an article, the original page will open. It will be embedded in the Cikisi mobile application, allowing you not to leave the page and take the required actions for that article (notice, sharing, etc.)

Yes it’s possible! Request “Cikisi Mobile” access to your organization’s Cikisi WMT platform administrator

No, your searches are personal and confidential. The administrators of the Cikisi WMT web platform of your organization can not access it. The results come not only from the articles collected by your company but also from the Cikisi SE web search engine. You can subscribe to a personal search related to a professional concern such as football news or politics.

Yes! Only you have access to it.

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