Cikisi Services​

The Cikisi suite of solutions gives you the opportunity to create a global business intelligence solution for your organization that is unique on the market.


Our teams of experts work with you every day to ensure that your monitoring, research and exploration projects are truly successful.

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On-line or on-site training worldwide

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Migrating your old tools to our solutions

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Custom configuration of Cikisi solutions

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Custom Function Developments

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Creation of a specific sourcing

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Functional support and monitoring of your projects

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Technical support


Realization of POC ("Proof Of Concept") or prototypes

Cikisi Studies & Consulting

We offer you the ability to conduct studies and consultancy assignments in the areas of business intelligence, corporate strategy, communication and influence.


Digital technology has irrevocably changed the power relations of communication, opening up direct and permanent interactions between your audience and you. We offer you support and guidance in the control of your information.


With the help of Cikisi solutions, we collect and value the data available on the web in “big data” mode. This involves identifying and analyzing the risks incurred and the means of expression around your subject as well as mapping the stakeholders who express themselves.

We offer the following deliverables:

  • Outsourced Thematic Watches
  • Press and Social Media Barometer
  • Balance sheet of E-reputation
  • Mapping influencers, risk activists
  • Media crisis monitoring and analysis
  • Perception journalists
  • Advice and support of the management of media strategies

Bertrand Coty is our expert at the head of Cikisi Etudes & Conseil

«A graduate of the National Institute of High Studies of Security and Justice (INHESJ) as an expert in business protection and economic intelligence, Bertrand Coty is a Research Fellow at the French Center for Research on Intelligence (CF2R) .


He has been working for major international communication groups such as Saatchi & Saatchi for twenty years. He is a speaker in B to B communication (marketing and influence). He advises companies in the finance, energy and construction sectors.


He ran a media research company in the early 2000s and developed software for the collection, analysis and valuation of information data.


He joined the Cikisi team as a partner in June 2019.

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