Cikisi WMT API

The Cikisi suite of solutions gives you the opportunity to create a global business intelligence solution for your organization that is unique on the market.

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The Cikisi ecosystem

Enrich your tools with Cikisi’s data!

Cikisi WMT API

Cikisi APIs open the Cikisi platform services to third-party software and applications. These APIs (application programming interface) are available via a web service (REST).


Cikisi WMT API requires a connection to Cikisi WMT (Web Monitoring Tool).

Use our interface safely

CIKISI WMT API Functioning principles


Data access requests are secure


Information from the Cikisi WMT platform is accessible via a REST API


APIs render collected articles and associated metadata in a JSON format

Become the master of your data!


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The customer has complete control over his data: archiving time, additional enrichment, backup features, application of custom filters on the content.

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The customer personalizes his platform in the colors and according to the functional needs of his organization

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Unlike many search platforms, Cikisi does not analyze and archive your queries. These remain confidential.

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Cikisi’s customers securely access the collected data via their Cikisi WMT account

Automatically feed your business applications with targeted data!

Save money while increasing the impact of your monitoring!

CIKISI WMT APIExample of Queries

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Request the screenshot of a web page

Get the encoded image from the original page of an article

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Search for articles

  • Get geolocated items around a certain point
  • Get result items from a Boolean query
  • Get articles whose date (creation or publication) is included in an intervallle
Group 1035@2x

Restore the environment of a group

Get the articles accessible to some of your user groups

Group 2048@2x

Compare articles

Get items similar to a given article

Group 2962@2x

Access the articles

  • Get the details of an article
  • Get articles from your sources, themes, research or collections
  • Get items that have been tagged
Group 2963@2x

Monitor sources

Get the status of sources

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Cikisi WMT API

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Cikisi WMT Customer

  • 10,000 credits included
  • 1 credit = € 0.02 * (before tax)
  • * Decreasing price according to consumption
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Yes. Within your admin area you have access to API documentation and a test space.

Contact us to study the technical feasibility of adapting our API. We used to add “endpoints” to meet the needs of our customers.

Yes. Within your of your administrator you can control your consumption and the type of requests that you have made.

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