Cikisi WMT

Web Monitoring Tool

The Cikisi suite of solutions gives you the opportunity to create a global business intelligence solution for your organization that is unique on the market.

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The Cikisi ecosystem

Web Monitoring Tool

Cikisi WMT is a versatile intelligence platform. It allows to collect and monitor open sources of the web but also to search and explore data.


Extremely flexible and efficient, the platform adapts to all types of organization: large companies, SMEs, associations or public agencies. As a web application, it is accessible from anywhere and from any device with a browser and an internet connection. Its high performance and ergonomics make it a unique product on the market!

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Monitor your strategic topics in real time!

By using the Cikisi WMT solution, your organization can set up a business intelligence platform that can fulfill several key missions for the different departments of any company or organization.


The new search engine in your business environment!

Cikisi WMT incorporates a research capability essential to any organization. Every day, millions of new pieces of information are stored in Cikisi’s databases, including those in your business environment. That information may interest you one day.


Discover what will impact the life of your organization!

Cikisi WMT is equipped with an exploration module. This module has many options for viewing data, highlighting previously undetectable information.

From Big Data
to Smart Data

Thanks to our expertise, we can collect and process a large amount of information in real time for the benefit of your organization!

Developing intelligent, minimal-configuration robots capable of extracting differently structured data from sources in different formats, in a programmed, high-frequency manner, by managing the problems inherent to many sites (cookies, pop-up windows, visit blocking, etc.) and guaranteeing anonymity is one of Cikisi’s trades.



Cikisi brings a semantic and geographical enrichment as well as a classification of your contents.

Google mainly returns the results close to you. We know that a professional use of a search engine is not limited to looking for a pizzeria close to home. We will return the items that correspond to your requests, regardless of whether they come from a French or Japanese source. You also need to specify the languages ​​of the articles of interest to you.

Cikisi backs up your data, without limitation of volume and time.

We index millions of data daily so you can quickly exploit them through research or visualizations. We also guarantee the best backups on the market.



Cikisi has developed powerful filters to process billions of data quickly and cheaply.

For example, as of April 26, the “trump AND mexico” search returned 142 results on Google’s search engine. As most Google searches return a maximum of 15 pages (or 150 documents), you need to constantly refine your query to go over this artificial limit. By contrast, Cikisi people are aware that, when running investigation studies, it is essential to return all possible documents to the user. It may represent several hundreds or thousands of documents that must be available within the exploration module. This is why you can access all of Cikisi’s documents when running a search.

Cikisi helps you understand your data, discover important information and detect trends!

Smart Data coupled with data visualization gives you an undeniable advantage by allowing you to better understand your environment. We are constantly developing new ways to make your data speak.

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Our Technologies

Cikisi constantly improves its technologies, to offer its customers the best experience.

CIKISI WMTOur strengths

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The solution adapts to all types of organizations, whatever their size. Easily manage your teams, the role of each and their access rights. Our solution can be used for multiple projects within the same organization (read case of employment).

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Use only one application for the collection, processing, visualization and dissemination of information. Navigate within ergonomic and intuitive interfaces. Our application requires a short training period and does not necessitate frequent use to maintain one’s ability to navigate it.

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Unlimited collection

Collect relevant information without limit, in many languages, ​​published by multiple sources such as websites, web pages, RSS feeds, blogs, forums, social networks, etc.

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Incorporate information from Cikisi SE, a high-performance search engine that indexes news from the mainstream, specialized press and organizations, to the results of your topics.

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The platform is fully responsive and adapts to your computer’s big screen, laptop or tablet. In addition, it is connectable to the application for SmartPhones Cikisi Mobile WS.

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Viewing modes

3 viewing modes according to your needs:

Monitor – Search – Explore.

Each mode relies on high performance filtering, reducing noise to a minimum. Explorer mode gives you a lot of data visualization.

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Real-time monitoring

Benefit from information updated continuously. Be informed or directly alerted only a few minutes after it has been made public.

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All your collected items will be kept without time limit, whatever treatment you have subjected them to.

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Our solution offers the possibility to generate automatic alerts by email or SMS, newsletters, CSV / RSS / JSON exports or PDF reports.

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Integration with your tools

Using the Cikisi WMT API programming interface, we can feed your tools such as intranet portal, document management platform, geographic information system, etc.


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    Our rates depend on the types of users and decrease as the number of users increases



    200 € / month

    (excluding tax)

    For all organizations

    • Access to Cikisi Mobile WS
    • Access to Cikisi SE
    • Access to Cikisi WMT API
    • Access to [EXPLORE] Mode
    • Access to [WATCH] Mode
    Our unlimited features
    • Unlimited sources
    • Unlimited WATCH / SEARCH themes
    • Unlimited Alerts / Newsletters
    • Unlimited reports
    • Technical support included
    • Functional support package included *
    • * 5 tickets / year and per user. If your needs are higher than this package, you can buy services

    FAQ - Cikisi WMT

    Cikisi WMT allows you to specify the monitoring frequency of your sources. This frequency may vary from one source to another depending on your needs. The highest monitoring frequency depends on the source type. The maximum frequency allows monitoring of a source every 60 minutes. Under these conditions, the average time between the publication of an article and its collection is 30 minutes. Given the redundancy of information between different sources, Cikisi WMT allows you to be informed of a fact only minutes after it is made public.

    No. Cikisi WMT is connected to the Cikisi SE web search engine. Every hour, tens of thousands of new articles are collected and indexed by this engine. If you wish, you benefit from articles in hundreds of sectors (examples: Africa, agribusiness, biotechnologies, press releases companies, defense, finance, innovation, retail, health, security, etc.). You can also call on the Cikisi team to create your sources (consult our services).

    No, the collection is carried out by our own servers and unlike some standby software that you install on your computers, Cikisi makes you undetectable and protects you against threats from the web.

    Your data is saved on servers hosted at OVH France. These servers are physically present on a French site and are dedicated to the company Cikisi. Thus, our solution is independent of GAFA and your data can not be communicated to the US State.

    Yes. We offer the possibility to deploy the solution Cikisi WMT on servers of our host, dedicated only to your company. We call this hybrid architecture. We can also partner with an integrator to deploy our solution on your site (“on premise”).

    Yes! The platform allows you to organize your users into different groups knowing that a user can be part of several groups. Each group can then have limited access to certain themes, research, collections, etc. Thus, your users are not overwhelmed by information from others (infobesity) and you can also limit access to certain topics for reasons of confidentiality.

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