Features of Cikisi WMT

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Define your groups, users and their roles and access rights

Group 2963@2x

Create or import your favorite sources (websites, web pages, blogs, forums, RSS, social networks)

Group 2962@2x

Create your themes by easily targeting your corpus of sources

Group 2962@2x

Create powerful filters based on keywords, Boolean queries or using concepts.

Group 2964@2x

Monitor your topics of interest in real time

Group 2965@2x

Create your themes by easily targeting your corpus of sources. Discover trends and weak signals.

Group 2963@2x

Search within your collected articles, no time limit

Group 2964@2x

Search the web via third-party search engines

Group 2965@2x

Explore your data by opting for different viewing modes: word cloud, occurrence histogram, heat map, entity relationships, and more.

Group 2968@2x

Group duplicates and similar content

Group 2967@2x

Read, comment, tag articles

Group 2966@2x

Translate an article

Group 2969@2x

Recommendation of similar articles

Group 2970@2x

Add relevant information to your collections (favorite folders)

Group 2971@2x

Export your search results or collections in JSON / RSS / CSV

Group 2972@2x

Create email / SMS alerts

Group 2973@2x

Manage customizable newsletters

Group 2974@2x

Create and send customizable PDF reports

Group 2962@2x

Create dashboards

Group 2962@2x

Watch from your SmartPhone (using Cikisi Mobile WS)

Group 2963@2x

Link your platform to your applications (via API)

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