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The ability to quickly explore data is critical for organizations in today’s context of infobesity and immediacy.

Without this ability, it is almost impossible for the manager to be aware of and to analyze all the data in his possession while many of these data could be useful and strategic for the enterprise’s development.

Save 90% of analysis time thanks to our algorithms!

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of your environment!

Cikisi’s Web Monitoring platform includes an exploration module [EXPLORE]. This module provides multiple data visualizations components, making it possible to highlight information hitherto undetectable.

Smart Data and Data Visualization

Our data vizualisation components benefit from the “Smart Data”

extraction process established by our AI algorithms using:

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Statistical analysis

Detect trends, weak signals and abnormal events by aggregating contents and calculating over time occurrences, averages and standard deviations.

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Grammatical labeling and semantic annotation

Identify named entities and keywords in a text and link them to a knowledge base, allowing content to be linked to others in-context.

Group 2148@2x


Assign geographic coordinates (longitude / latitude) to an identified location within in order to be able to.

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Artificial intelligence

Auto-tagging/classification of content using an auto-learning model*, analyzes images** to identify a person, an object or a logo.  


* Available with Cikisi WMT 2.0  

** Available on-demand

Explore your environment using filters you did not even know about!

Key milestones of an iterative exploration


Build easily a document corpus which represent the content you want to explore using the various filters available within the Cikisi WM platform.

Filtering by source category, language or country, depending on the textual content of the documents (simple or boolean queries that may involve lexical concepts), according to the metadata associated with each document (date, named entities, classification, geographic coordinates, etc.)


View documents using the visualizations available within Cikisi’s EXPLORE module.


Discover the key elements (relationships, keywords, named entities, etc.) within them and use these elements as additional filters.


Use the discovered documents.

Follow trends and detect weak signals!

Our visualizations

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Visualize absolute or relative trends in terms of occurrence or virality

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Word cloud

Browse the most cited words or named entities

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Heat map

Locate on a geographical map as a function of time. Identify areas of concentration and singularities

Group 2089@2x


Discover the concepts related to each other and the strength of these links

Group 2088@2x


Determine what the source statistics are

Group 2080@2x


Explore links between named entities (people, organizations, locations)

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Trends and weak signals

Be aware of major trends and identify weak signals

Discover your millions of data without waiting!
Thanks to a Cloud architecture and the optimization of our
computational algorithms, our visualizations in a few seconds.

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