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All Cikisi’s solutions have powerful search capability, which is essential for any organization.

Our crawlers and indexing robots never stop!
Millions of new pieces of information are recorded every day including those which will interest your business one day. Unlike most platforms, Cikisi guarantees that what you have collected in the past will be available in the future.

The main purposes of your research!


Searching information about a particular subject. It often consists in a quick search on a period range to check or complete existing information.


  • LIDL’s turnover in 2018
  •  Arlit hostage release


Search by THEMATIC:

Search and aggregate information about a theme to study trends, details, history. Often used in market studies, state-of-the-art studies, etc.


  • reimbursement of contraceptive methods in France
  • THALES drones
  • China-Africa military cooperation agreements


Make Cikisi the new search engine for your business environment!

Your results can be filtered using multiple options!

01Sort the results of your searches

02Group your duplicates

Easily find the information you need!

This option allows you to group duplicates within your results.

03Filter your results in multiple ways

Smart Data by Cikisi, the enrichment of your articles!

Smart Data allows you to explore your data using our explore module.

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Semantic analysis

All of Cikisi’s articles are subject to semantic enrichment. This enrichment is particularly effective in more than a dozen languages. The platform automatically detects and extracts the following named entities: location, person and organizations (brands, companies, organizations). Semantic enrichment can also annotate articles with keywords, those who strongly qualify the article, generally made of common names.

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Automatic classification

All articles on Cikisi’s platform are automatically classified with a tag. Do not confuse the automatic classification made to the content of the article with the categories of sources, which are generally assigned manually. Example: An article from a newspaper will be manually categorized as “news” (because the source has been initially qualified as news) but if the article is about a football match, the Cikisi platform will automatically assign the article with “sport” and “football” tags.

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The locations identified in the content are converted into geographical coordinates and are completed with those extracted directly from the other elements of the articles (image EXIF ​​file, XML file, etc.).

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Article recommendation

For every result of your query, Cikisi’s platform will provide you with similar articles and will also recommend articles relevant to you using the artificial intelligence module*.


* Starting with version Cikisi WMT 2.0

How can I use Cikisi's search capability?


Within the SEARCH module of our web platform “Cikisi WMT”. 


From your applications (such as an intranet portal), using Cikisi WMT API.


Build your corporate search engine so every member of your organization can access their articles of interest


With a simplified version inside Cikisi Mobile WS

Discover below, 8 reasons to choose Cikisi platform for your business rather than Google!

Unlike Google, which is essentially dedicated to consumers, Cikisi’s platform has a search capability developed specifically for businesses and information professionals.

Google results depend on an opaque algorithm which may be irrelevant for your comapny when searching for documents.

Paid ads (Google Adwords), Google-oriented SEO strategy (mobile friendlyness, backlinks, metadata, etc.). At Cikisi, the sorting criteria are transparent and are stricltly based on the content, not its form. Even if a relevant article is poorly referenced on a web site with poor mobile optimization, it will be properly promoted on Cikisi’s platform!



Google results are based on your location and your language.

Google resultst will be promoted according to your location at the time of your seatch and therefore may vary over time. All information professionals know that a powerful company search engine should not be tuned like a consumer-oriented engine. Cikisi will return and sort articles that exactly match your requests, regardless of whether they come from a French or Japanese source. You may restrict the language of the returnerd articles if you want to.

Google results include primarily e-commerce results.

Travel or shopping related documents are generally not relevant to your business work. Therefore, they can be excluded from indexing processes on Cikisi’s platform.



The number of results provided by Google is in free fall and only top documents may be displayed.

For example, as of April 26, the “trump AND mexico” search returned 142 results on Google’s search engine. As most Google searches return a maximum of 15 pages (or 150 documents), you need to constantly refine your query to go over this artificial limit. By contrast, Cikisi people are aware that, when running investigation studies, it is essential to return all possible documents to the user. It may represent several hundreds or thousands of documents that must be available within the exploration module. This is why you can access all of Cikisi’s documents when running a search.

Google records your search activities.

As a result, you can forget your privacy but also to the confidentiality of your queries. As Google uses your queries (on a time range and based on locations) to optimize the SEO process or the sorting algorithm, we already demonstrated that it was possible to deduct subjects of interest of some companies. For instance, we were able to demonstrate that company X was interested in a company Y during a merger/acquisition period. Cikisi keeps your searches confidential and does not track or use them for any purpose.



Cikisi's search results are more visual than those of Google.

Using images and named entities are very useful for that purpose.

Cikisi allows you to configure your own search engine.

By specifying the set of sources within which you wish to carry out your queries, you can configure a domain-specific search engine, such as health, defense, innovation, insurance, etc. Thus, it enhances the general relevance and reduces the potential noise within results.



The results of Cikisi’s search engine can be displayed in various modes

Cikisi results can be displayed within Cikisi WMT using the EXPLORE module or within your own applications thanks to the metadata attached to the articles.

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