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The Cikisi suite provides you with the opportunity to create a global business intelligence solution for your organization that is unique on the market.


Web Intelligence consists in collecting and regularly processing new information related to the strategic topics of your organization.

The final goals of a business intelligence / monitoring solution are:


Alerting in real-time your organization’s analysts and managers of strategic changes in your business environment


Easily disseminating the results of surveillance/analysis to targeted recipients within your organization


Capitalizing the knowledge acquired within your organization

Cikisi, a solution developed by Web Intelligence specialists for Web Intelligence specialists

Trust the Cikisi team whose members benefit from Web Intelligence expertise acquired in various private and public organizations.

By using Cikisi solutions, your organization can set up a strategic intelligence platform capable of fulfilling several key missions for the different departments of any company:

Never let your competitors surprise you again!

Feed your strategy with their experience.


Monitoring your competitors is essential to gain market shares. Your company must learn from its competitors, drawing information from their actions and situations, which can be used for its own development.

Do you have to adapt your strategy to that of one of your competitors? Do you want to avoid committing the same mistakes as them? By monitoring the actions of the key market players, you will discover new market segments, emerging players, new partnerships or mergers and acquisitions, contract awards, the opening of new plants or distribution points, appointments to key posts, new product launches, price updates and many more.

These facts can be identified and analyzed using Cikisi by collecting data from the generalized and specialized press, the web sites or social networks of market players, contract awarding platforms, etc. Based on these analyses, you can deduce the best actions to take to adapt your competitive positioning.

Boost the creativity of your R&D and Marketing teams


In order to bring innovative or disruptive products to the market, your research and development and marketing teams must have access to relevant and up-to-date information on the state-of-the-art technologies, their maturity levels and their contexts of use. By feeding your teams with ideas, you will help them create new ones!

Cikisi allows you to identify new concepts, technologies, products or services used in your field of activity or in other sectors that can be adapted for your own benefit.

By collecting, filtering and analyzing the information published in scientific journals, the press specialized in innovation and new technologies, patent databases, innovation experts’ blogs or social networks, you will build your knowledge of tomorrow.

Follow bids and market moves!

In a hyper-competitive environment, companies must constantly monitor the changing needs of the market in order to adapt. It can be done by monitoring and analyzing blogs, market experts, consumer association sites, the trade press and detecting

It is also important to be quickly notified of business tenders to gain time for the bidding process. Cikisi provides you with such an advantage.

Prepare your organization in time for legislative changes!

The company must remain vigilant and adapt its processes to ensure its and its directors’ judicial safety in the face of an ever-changing and regularly growing legislative environment. However, the inflation of legislations regulating the activities of companies continues to increase.

With Cikisi, you can monitor your national or international legislative sources, be notified of new bills being debated in the House of Representatives. Decide who should be followed amongst major NGOs, lobbyists, politicians… Cikisi’s collection robots will work 24h/day for you!

By learning about new laws and regulations, the company can react more quickly and adapt to new obligations or seize new opportunities such as opening new markets.

Provide maximum security for your staff

Many organizations and companies operate daily in hazardous areas. It is essential that they first have an excellent environmental acuity to guarantee the safety of their staff.

Cikisi brings near real-time alerts about important news published on web sites, forums, blogs and local, regional or national social networks. From Paris or Toronto, you can learn everything about the security and political situation in regions of Africa, South America, the Middle East, etc. Cikisi can also detect weak signals, automatically represent events on a map, etc. Cikisi alerts can be sent via email, Cikisi Mobile WS app or even via SMS. Thanks to a built-in translation service, alerts can be translated into the user preferred language for a better and easier understanding, whatever the original document language is.

Thanks to its high collection capacity, its unique filtering set of features on the market and its various information sharing channel and alerts, the Cikisi platform enables organizations to perform extremely effective security monitoring.

Check your image and those of your partners in time!

A bad buzz can cause damage extremely quickly. Therefore, each organization must monitor its image on the web to identify any fact that could potentially affect its business.

Follow-up of local, national and international news.
The value of Facebook engagement.

An information and monitoring platform
for all information consumers!

Watch specialists,
document analysts,
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Cikisi WMT

Configure your platform: create your Users, Groups, Sources, Themes, Searches, Alerts and Collections. Access your Watch Themes, take advantage of other SEARCH and EXPLORE modes, and add relevant articles to your Collections.


Access your Collections to access the relevant information history selected by the Watchers. Use SEARCH and EXPLORE modes.


Cikisi WMT

Access your Collections to access the relevant information history selected by the Watchers. Use SEARCH and EXPLORE modes.


Cikisi Mobile WS

Access your Watch Themes anywhere and add relevant articles to your Collections. Access your Collections from anywhere


Cikisi Mobile WS

Access your Collections from anywhere

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Subscribe to the RSS feed of a Search, a topic of interest or a Collection.

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Third-party applications

View relevant information through an enterprise application such as an intranet portal with Cikisi WMT API

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