Specially designed to answer to the information needs of the enterprise, cikisi collects, processes and analyzes your web information!
Big Data Management

Automatically collect or search for information published by all types of web sources. cikisi frees your staff from the tasks of collecting, sorting and filtering the information necessary for your service. Unlike a human team, cikisi is able to process a great mass of collected information in real time. A cheaper and more efficient solution for your business!

Situational Awareness!

cikisi allows you to stay aware of the changes in the environment in which you operate. Improve the Situational Awareness of your managers about the needs, threats and opportunities of the market. Produce quickly market intelligence reports for all the members of your entreprise.

Follow your Competitors!

Identify new entrants, follow the actions of your main competitors on your markets. Using automatic monitoring or spot searches, identify their business, industrial, product, and marketing strategies by analyzing relevant collections of filtered information.

Actionable Intelligence

The modules of geolocation, Named Entities Recognition (NER) and grouping of similar contents link the information. Relational charts, geographical representations and other representations make it possible to analyze information quicker and take the right decisions in time.

How Does it Work?
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cikisi's main features
1. Planning & Direction
  • - Manage your users and their roles
  • - Manage your groups of users
  • - Manage your "Cyber Agents" (IOT access to Private SN)
  • - Manage the access rights to the information
  • - Manage your themes (thematic pages)
  • - Manage your collections of content
  • - Manage your tags
  • - ...
2. Collecting
  • - All kinds of Web Sources
  • - Targeted and Qualified Sources
  • - "Real-time” automatic monitoring
  • - Collect using external web Search Engines
  • - Extraction of the metadata related to each content
  • - Extraction of metadata related to Social Profile
  • - Saving of content without time limitation
  • - ...
3. Processing
  • Automatic Processing of the collected "Big Data" :
  • - Selection of the sources that will be displayed in the Themes
  • - Filtered Content inside Topic Windows
  • - Grouping of similar content
  • - Saving of Advanced Searches
  • - Semantic Analysis
  • - Translation of the content into the Operator's language
  • Enrichment of the information by your Operators:
  • - Adding metadata (tag, localization, comment, rating,...)
  • - Creation of collections for the "analysts"
  • - ...
4. Analysis & Production
  • cikisi allows you to view your results:
  • - Representation of your results on a map
  • - Analysis of the occurrence of your results in time (#hits)
  • - Statistics on the origin of the results (sources)
  • - Representation of the occurrence of words
  • - Representation of the links between your results
  • cikisi allows you to create reports:
  • - Response to RFI (Request For Information)
  • - Report consisting of analyzes and extracts from collections
5. Dissemination
  • - Export your data in different formats (RSS, CSV, etc.)
  • - Export collections, analyzes and reports in PDF format
  • - Share on Cikisi a note or a collected content
  • - Share a note or a content collected by email
  • - Share content on social networks (influence)
  • - Subscribe to email notifications
  • - Subscribe to SMS notifications
  • - ...
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Contact us for more details on the features included in each of our solutions. If our three plans don't meet your requirements, please contact us for a "tailored" offer.

Our offer of services associated with our product includes training, the creation of your specific sourcing and expertise in "Web Intelligence".
About us

CIKISI SPRL is a Belgian start-up company founded in early 2016 by 5 partners active in the fields of economic intelligence and consulting.
Cikisi is a Web Intelligence Tool whose first functional specifications were written in 2014-2015. Its technical specifications make it possible to meet the requirements of "Big Data".

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Rue du Bois des Manants, 4
4130 TILFF

Enterprise Number: BE0649.625.430

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February 14, 2017
Visit us soon at I-EXPO in Paris!

Cikisi will be present in March at I-EXPO 2017 in Paris. Visit us to discover our new solution Cikisi and discuss about Web Intelligence.

21, 22, 23 March 2017 – Paris, Porte de Versailles, Pavillon 4.2

February 10, 2017
First clients!

Our first Adopters are starting to use our solution! Among the first clients, Cikisi is proud to count a major actor of the Defense Industry.

November 21, 2016
Early Adopters Program

CIKISI launches its “Early Adopters cikisi 1.0 OSINT” program on 1 December 2016. Selected clients will have the chance to benefit from this technological tool enabling organizations to transform “Big Data” collected from the web into actionable intelligence. Contact us to join this program!

February 26, 2016
Creation of CIKISI SPRL

Four Belgian shareholders and one French Shareholder decided to invest together in the development of the Web Intelligence Tool cikisi. The first specifications of cikisi have been written by Valéry MAINJOT, expert in Web Intelligence, between 2014 and 2015. During this period he received the technical support of CETIC, a Belgian IT Expertise Center. cikisi is now the ownership of the new created CIKISI SPRL.